3-5 month chickens with eye probems

by Glenda Brinkley

I have a small flock, They were healthy until new chicks introduced 3 chicks have a problem with one eye they keep shut, two chicks have both eye closed, they all eat even the two most infected but they are lethargic. They also are not yet outside, will be moved in two days. what is wrong?

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Contagious Diseases
by: sharon

Hi Glenda,

I'm so sorry to read about this. Sounds like these new chicks have brought some kind of disease to your place. They should be separated well away from the others. Any showing symptoms should be separated from those not showing symptoms.

Without more information I couldn't try to tell you what this disease is, but because other chickens have become ill as well, it's most likely these new ones were already infected when you brought them home.

I know it doesn't seem practical, but keeping new chickens away from your main flock for at least a week or two is always a good practice. The stress of moving to a new home can weaken the immune system and allow any disease that might be under control to develop symptoms.

These could be signs of the Avian Flu in your flock or some other disease. With out knowing what the disease it, it would be difficult to suggest medication that might help.

If I were in your place, I would consider talking to the person you got the chickens from and possibly reporting them to local animal health officials.

Some or all of your chickens might recover. What you are willing do to treat all plays a big part. It's possible antibiotics could help, but you would need one of these chickens seen and diagnosed by a veterinarian, to know which antibiotic.

I hope you find the answer helpful. Wish we could do more.

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