Gangwon-Jaeraedak: The little Korean chicken

BREED NAME: Gangwon-Jaeraedak, The Native Korean Chicken

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: This little Korean chicken is big on names and short on info. It’s also known as the Korean Native Chicken, Cafe-Jaeraedak, Samcheok-Jaeraedak, and Donghae-Jaeraedak. 

It’s a well balanced chicken in two colors: Black-breasted colors in Red and Gold. The breed is looking hardy from recent photos. Numbers are increasing and this native chicken is on its way back from near extinction by the 1980’s. Its home range is Jeonra-Do, Chungcheong-Do, Gyeonggi-Do and Gangwon-do, Korea.

Gangwon-Jaeraedak ,The Facts:

Class: Light

Size: Standard Male: 4 Ibs. / Standard Female: 3 Ibs.

Comb, Wattles & Earlobes: Red – Single Comb and wattles, lobes are a mix of red with some white.

Color: BBRed, BBGold

Place of Origin: Korea

Conservation Status: Endangered, but with successful restoration projects increasing numbers.

Special Qualities: Black-breasted Red and Black-breasted Golden are the only colors in existence, hen coloring following suit as with other BBRed and Golden colored breeds.

They have complimentary red-brown eyes and olive green or dark grey legs. The roosters comb is tall with several points, his tail is black and beautifully arched . He is compact and well balanced and elegant.

Many native chickens have become endangered due to the importation of commercial breeds that have proved more valuable for meat and egg production. Gangwon-Jaeraedak are a dual-purpose breed, but much smaller than popular production breeds.

Unintentional and purposeful crossing with foreign breeds, plus low commercial value, have nearly blotted out this Native Korena chicken except for small populations in remote areas.

Fortunately with modern Dna science it has become possible to revive the breed from the purest groups and individuals.

This little chicken was passed over through much of the 20th century in preference for the foreign production breeds, but he is a leaner bird with better meat quality and is preferred in many areas of Korea, especially on family farms. Hopefully its revival will be successful.

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