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When you say, poultry breed, most people do think about chickens. There is a lot of diversity in poultry which includes waterfowl, like ducks and geese, turkeys, and many other varieties of birds. Chickens have been a cornerstone of food production across the world for thousands of years. Below is a continuation of the many different chicken breeds.

Chicken Breeds J - Z

Japanese Bantam: a showy ornamental truly bantam breed.
Java: the second oldest American breed behing the Dominque.
Jersey Giant: the "big boy" of the chicken world.
Kraienkoppe: the German ornamental layer.
La Fleche: the ornamental French dual purpose bird.
Lakenvelder: this German breed is a good layer of small white eggs.
Lamona: the rare American breed.
Langshan: the old Asian breed that is a good dual purpose bird.
Leghorn: a popular breed that are great layers of large eggs.
Malay: the tallest breed of chicken.
Manx Rumpy: the Persian breed that is a good free ranger.
Marans: these birds are a great dual purpose bird and are known for their dark brown eggs.

Rhode Island Reds and a Game Hen

This is an old Spanish breed and the largest of the Mediterranean.
Modern Game: a tall and very distinctive looking bird.
Naked Neck: one of the oddest looking birds in all chickendom.
Nankin: they are a rare true Bantam breed.
New Hampshire: a good dual purpose bird, especially if you have a meat focus.
Norwegian Jaerhon: this is a small bird that lays a large white egg.
Old English Game: they are a very hardy and feisty ornamental breed.
Orloff: the Middle Eastern breed that are used as broilers.
Pekin: The Chinese bantam breed.
Penedesenca: this Spanish breed lays a really dark egg.
Phoenix: The ornamental breed with the long unique tail.
Polish: they make for great entertainment and great pets.
Red Shaver: The common Canadian breed that is calm and quiet.
Rhinelander: the German breed with dual purpose potential.
Rhode Island Reds: the classic American breed.
Rhode Island White: a good dual purpose breed.
Saxonian: the ancient German breed from Saxony.
Shamo: the second tallest breed of chicken that stands about 30 inches high.
Silkies: these guys are very unique and make excellent pets.
Silver Laced Wyandotte: the workhorse of the dual purpose breeds.
Starozagoska Red Chicken: the rare Belgian cross breed.
Sulmtaler: the breed that was developed in Austria.
Sultan: the choice of Turkish royalty.
Sumatra: the stylish breed with the lustrious plumage.
Sussex: the old English breed that makes a great dual purpose bird.
Thuringian Bearded Chicken: the old, rare German breed.
Welsummer: this breed is known to be the best free range forager of all egg-layers.
Westphalian: The ancient self made breed.
White Faced Spanish: the old Mediterranean poultry breed that is a good egg layer.

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