The Jangmigye is a Breed of Long-Tail Fowl

BREED NAME: Jangmigye or (Ginkkori-Dak) meaning: long-tail-chicken

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The Jangmigye is a breed of long-tail fowl that originated in the Mahan Confederacy region of ancient Korea. Modern North Korea lines the shore of the eastern-most border of China.

Korea is between China and Japan and Chinese Long-tails are the ancestors of all Japanese Long-tails. Much history has been lost and forgotten since Japanese diplomats to China brought the first long-tails home in the first century.

From studying Japanese long-tails and their history for several days running, and comparing traits, I have to suspect Korean influence in ancient Chinese long-tails or vise versa.

Jangmigye ,The Facts:

Class: Light Size: Male: 3-4 Ibs. / Standard Female: 2-3 Ibs. Comb, Wattles & Earlobes: Red single comb, red wattles, red/white mix lobes.

Color: Black-breasted Red or White

Place of Origin: Korea

Conservation Status: Study

Special Qualities: Jangmigye has many similarities to the German Phoenix (from Japanese Long-tails). Prolific tail and saddle feathers drape luxuriously. I’m no expert of genetics, but with red single comb, wattles and white/red mixed lobes, grey legs and red-brown eyes, I can’t imagine the two breeds not having common ancestors.

A Frenchman, Charies Varat, made a trip to Korea, 1888-1889. He recorded roosters with tails nearly 5’ long from Chungcheong-do. This was near the time that the first long-tails were exported from Japan to Europe.

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