Japanese Tomaru Chicken Originated in China

BREED NAME: Japanese Tomaru

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Though considered a Japanese breed the Japanese Tomaru (Ibaraki), originated in China during the T'ang Dynasty circa 618-907 AD. The name, “Tomaru”, includes a Japanese character for the Chinese T’ang Dynasty.

The complete history of the breed has become unclear, but it is believed the Japanese Tomaru Chicken was developed by Japanese that imported and cross-bred Chinese Shokoku with Diatomaru during the 17 and 1800’s.

The Japanese Tomaru Chicken is a large breed of long-crowing chicken; some roosters “singing” or crowing as long as 25 seconds. Similar to the Kurokashiwa, the Tomaru is considered a “country” chicken. With shorter legs and longer tail the Kuroashiwa is maintained as a completely separate long-crowing breed.

BREED NAME, The Facts:

Class: Light

Size: Standard Male: 6 - 7 Ibs. / Standard Female: 4 - 5Ibs.

Comb, Wattles & Earlobes: Bright red.

Color: Self-black only with green iridescence

Place of Origin: Chinese influence in Japan

Conservation Status: Rare

Special Qualities: All Tomaru are colored self-black with bright red comb, wattles and earlobes of good size, possibly exaggerated (in the roosters) but appropriate for their size as are the cycle and tail feathers.

Large orange-red eyes peer intelligently from these elegant chickens. Their black lustrous feathering is complemented by slate-black legs, short, curved, but full, black or horn colored beaks with white skin.

Considered the baritone voice of the Japanese long-crowing avian choir, in the year 1939 The Tomaru was declared a “natural monument” of Japan.

Broodiness is low with hens laying a tinted egg. All characteristics of the female mimic that of the male aside from common sexual differences, including her slightly smaller stature.

In both, legs are considered medium-long with slender shanks that are feather-free. Four well spread toes keep this statuesque creature, agile, active and proudly balanced. The neck is considered long but in perfect balance with conformation; adorned by a full and feathered hackle.

A stout but deep body slopes down gradually. In the rooster tail some have been as long as 4 feet, though this is not common. More commonly his tail feathers are carried a bit higher than the back with some primary and secondary sickle feathers that will touch the ground. Wings fit tightly to their body.

The head is medium with a smooth face and some with black facial skin pigment.

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