Olandsk Dwarf Chicken is a true bantam

BREED NAME: Olandsk Dwarf Chicken

Olandsk Dwarf photos courtesy of Greenfire Farms; check availability at www.greenfirefarms.com

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Olandsk Dwarf Chickens are a true bantam. They are very calm in comparison to many hyper little chicken breeds. The breed had diminished near extinction with dwindling numbers in their home range, but hard work over the last 20 years is bringing them back to more viable numbers in Sweden and the US.

Friendly, hardy and well suited to free-range in the confines of a backyard, this little chicken brings its unique and rare qualities from Olands, an island off the southeast coast of mainland Sweden. This little chicken might just be the perfect choice for those who would love to keep chickens, but have limited space.

The Facts: Olandsk Dwarf

Class: Bantam

Comb, Wattles & Earlobes: Red

Color: Speckled in red, black, white, and grey.

Place of Origin: Olands, Sweden

Conservation Status: rare

Special Qualities: As recently as 1989, the Olandsk Dwarf was facing extinction as world-wide its numbers were near 50. In a timely effort, this still rare breed can only claim about 200 in the world-wide flock(2012), but is holding strong.

Its centuries old history stems from the “British garden hen” once brought to the island of Olands, only 10 x 85 miles in area, where it developed into this elegant, energetic and unique little breed.

Splashed and speckled in colours of red, grey, black and white, this landrace bantam can produce rosecombs or straight combs. These little roosters carry golden and coppery iridescence in hackles and would rather posture than fight in multi-rooster flocks. Hens lay many small white eggs and the breed is cold hardy.

Keepers report that flocks are strong social groups. These little dwarf chickens love to forage and become tame with human contact; “a compelling combination of livestock, pet and clockwork toy”.

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