Swedish Flower Hen is also known as the "Flower Hen" in Sweden

BREED NAME: Swedish Flower Hen Swedish Flower Chicken photos courtesy of Greenfire Farms; see www.greenfirefarms.com for current availability.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Skansk Blommehons is also known as the "FlowerHen" in Sweden - as its spots look like flowers. This is the largest Swedish chicken breed and hails from Skane, Sweden.

Known to be hardy and gentle natured, the breed can be crested or clear. It developed as a landrace about 500 years ago in the southern Sweden.

Class: Large

Size: Standard Male: 8.5 Ibs. / Standard Female: 5 Ibs.

Comb, Wattles & Earlobes: Red

Color: Speckled on golden red, black, gray, white, and red.

Place of Origin: Sweden

Conservation Status: rare

Special Qualities: Landrace breeds develop through natural selection. This form of “evolution” results in chicken “breeds” thoroughly acclimated to the challenges of terrain and weather where they developed. When choosing a landrace breed it’s best to offer habitat and climate most similar to the home territory.

The Swedish Flower Chicken is a great layer and known to be friendly. Roosters are non-aggressive, upright and wide chested. This breed does well free-ranging, is one of the best all-around farm chickens, and suited for cold climates.

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