Bergischer Long Crower is a Very Rare German Breed

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Bergischer Long Crower is an old and very rare German chicken breed. There is a group of long crowing chicken breeds, from which this breed was developed, specifically the Balkin long crower. The rooster’s crow is extreme in length, as the name suggests, and can stream for about 15 seconds.

Black and tan or copper are the rooster’s main colorings and he can have nicely arched black tail feathers, though not heavy in the tail. His cape or neck feathers are golden giving him a strikingly handsome look. The hen is nearly solid black with a few brown markings on wing feathers.

BREED NAME, The Facts:

Class: Medium

Size: Standard Male: 7.75 Ibs. / Standard Female: 5.5 Ibs.

Comb, Wattles & Earlobes: Single red straight comb of good height, the hen’s tends to flop, wattles red and earlobes white.

Color: Black base color for males and females. Slight brown patterning on hen wings. Rooster has golden neck, brown or copperish wings.

Place of Origin: Germany

Conservation Status: Extremely rare

Special Qualities: Bergisches Land in Germany is the birth place of this breed. With ancestors brought in from the Balkins this breed carries the long crowing gene. They would work well as a dual purpose breed with hens producing around 180, 60 g eggs per year and roosters nearing 8 lbs in weight. Unfortunately the hens are non-sitters, which may, in part have led to the rarity of the breed. This is a clean legged breed with no bantam variety. Return From Bergischer Long Crower to Poultry Breed

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