Baby chicks beak


Baby chicks beak: I have a 4 week old baby with a beak that is about 1/2 inch off. She does eat and drink, but she is smaller than her sister. The other babies pick on her. Can I fix her beak myself?
Unfortunately, the beak cannot be fixed by you or the vet. I would give it a few more weeks to see if the beak will grow so that it meets. In the meantime, be sure to give the chick water soluble vitamins. Some scrambled eggs will give its protein level a major boost. If the beak does not grow properly, she may need to be culled.

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Birth defect in chick

Birth defect in chick: We have a baby chick and I pulled the shell off, except where it was attached to the chick. Because it had been in too long(the head was out and already fluffy).

The lining of the shell was dried on tight. When I put the chick back with the mother she tried to eat it so I brought it in the house.

The shell was still attached by the cord. It had a hard time standing. I waited a day to disconnect the rest of the shell.

It's now been 3 days and it seems very unstable yet thriving. It doesn't seem to know where the food and water is although we constantly put its beak in.

Will it figure it out and be less wobbly? It's like it didn't get rotated enough in the shell, lopsided. What's wrong with it?
Anytime a chick has trouble escaping its shell, there is a good chance it is somehow weak or in some way "defective".

I don't understand how a chick could thrive if unable to recognize food and water and have difficulty standing. It's possible with a little more time it will gain strength and physical coordination and a good appetite.

There are so many things that have to go right for a chick to incubate, hatch and develop normally. Any one thing wrong can mean an un-viable chick.

If it doesn't catch up to where it should be, in a few days, there is a good chance it will be unable to grow and mature into a healthy adult. I wish I could tell you exactly why this has happened.

You might try a product called "Chick Save". It's made for young chicks having trouble in their first few days of life, and may help this one.

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Birth defect of baby chick

Birth defect of baby chick: I have a baby chick that had been put aside at a local feed store because she was deformed -- I brought her home with two other "normal" chicks. Both of her legs/feet are turned under her -- she is hobbling on her "knees" and mostly using her wings. I would guess that she is 3-4 days old.

She is actively drinking water, but I have not seen her eat much. It is a struggle for her to stay upright, mostly using her wings as support.

I am willing to do what it takes for her to have a quality life -- any suggestions or is this futile effort? Obviously I do not want her to suffer.

Thank you in advance for any helpful suggestions
Sadly this may be futile effort. Chicks that get off to a bad start are often doomed for ill health and weakness and unable to mature normally. If it’s to survive you will have to offer it food often or it will not gain any strength. Soaking chick start in warm water with a good vitamin/electrolyte made for struggling chicks can help.

A chicken that can’t walk, get exercise, get to food and water as needed really has no quality of life. There may be internal malfunctions, major organs just not working together well, that are evidenced by what you see. I know this is a hard call to have to make. If the chick doesn’t respond to some TLC and become able to walk, I think your answer is clear, that keeping it alive isn’t in its best interest.

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