Blind Brahma Pullet

by Suzanna Innerhofer
(New Mexico)

I have 3 Dark Brahma pullets. I noticed 3 days ago 1 was really skinny, pecking at the air above the feed, and the dominant pullet was trying to direct her around to get to the feed. I brought her in and quarantined her away from the other 2 and started her on some oxytetracycline. I took her outside for a little this morning to see if she might be improving but she's not. She's been alert, talking and eating with help. I have to gently open her beak and drop a piece or 2 of food on her tongue then let go for her to get more than 1 or 2 pieces of food in 5 minutes. What is wrong with her? Her iris is a normal golden brown color and her pupils stay dilated. Her eyes also look watery like she has allergies. She's also having watery diarrhea but that could be because of the antibiotics. I'm going to add some probiotics, and electrolytes this evening.

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Blind Pullet?
by: Sharon

As with humans and all animal species, blindness is always a possibility. It can be caused by something in the environment or be a birth defect. Blindness can be complete, or a degenerative problem, and it sounds like this one has little hope for a bright and healthy future. As you have noticed, giving antibiotics can cause problems, especially if the problem wasn't something that could be helped with antibiotics, or if that antibiotic wasn't the right type for the problem. Since you can see this pullet and I cannot, I think you will have to go with what your observations are telling you. Chickens, like all other species, rely on many systems working well for good health. Sounds like this one hatched with some problems that could not have been prevented by the care you have given her and the others. A chicken that cannot eat on its own will have to rely on 24/7 care to survive.

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