Bobberly eggs

by Sharron
(Wimblington, March, England)


Bobberly eggs - One of my chickens has laid a strange egg it has all bumps on it, this is the 1st time is there anything wrong with her?

This can be a sign of mineral deficiencies. I would suggest you look into vitamin and mineral supplements for your chickens.

Bumpy eggs can get hung up in the oviduct and cause a hen to become egg bound, which is a life threatening condition.

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No shells on Eggs
by: Sharon

Just another note: Often chickens with a lot of missing feathers could be having some problems, or come from an overcrowded and or underfed situation.

Feathers are almost pure protein and chickens, being the resourceful animals they are, may resort to eating feathers for needed proteins to keep them strong and alive.

The digestive tract of a chicken is efficient, able to break down minerals and organic materials and absorb needed nutrients. Overcrowding can lead to destructive pecking and plucking.

You might notice at the feed, some chickens pecking others, demanding to be respected and allowed to eat first.

These dominant chickens are doing what comes naturally to survive, and by pecking order the strong survive.

Overcrowding can lead to food shortage, chickens preventing other chickens from eating, excessive agression, high stress levels in chickens, malnutrition, weakness, inability to tolerate seasonal temperature changes, inability to grow new feathers quickly, and can allow parasites and diseases to take over.

I'm a rescuer of animals and often have to bring home the ones that need help. So, I would never say "don't buy shabby looking chickens". But what I would say is "expect the worst and take all possible precautions".

Introducing chickens from questionable situations means having a place to quarantine them from your resident flock.

It means giving extra vitamins and a balanced diet, including fresh fruits and vegetation, seeds with good fat and beneficial calories, or possibly purchasing a conditioning feed.

Check for signs of internal and external parasites and treat, if the chickens are healthy enough. You may need to offer a heat lamp to help them maintain body heat until feathers grow back in.

Some external parasites, like mites, can make for slow feather regrowth. They can be living under the skin where the feathers begin to grow. Internal parasites, like intestinal worms, can rob a chicken of needed nutrients, even if they eat plenty.

Bobberly Eggs
by: Sharon

Irregular surfaces on eggs is generally nothing to worry about. The egg membrane is coated with shell as it passes through the oviduct.

If a hen is jarred, maybe startled, mounted by a rooster or otherwise suddenly in motion during this process, it's possible for a "glob" of calcium to get stuck on one part of the egg.

If this is a common occurrence for a hen, she is possibly old and experiencing some dysfunctions in her oviduct. Eggs that are layed without shell are a similar situation.

If it happens once in a while, no big deal, but if a regular occurrence, the hen may be getting layed out or your flock is in need of additional calcuim and mineral supplements.

As with all bodily functions, proper diet and exercise are important, but some chickens are hatched with imperfections inside or out.

No shell on eggs
by: Anonymous

I just bought 4 Arracana hens they have no tails and feathers gone off the back. Seller said they were healthy the Rooster pulled them out! I got 3 green eggs that night. last night I had to eggs with no shell just the membraine. Help

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