by Tonya B.

I have a cornish cross chicken that did not get processed last year with rest of them of because she was very smart hid in a well hidden spot. We found her foraging in the grass with our egg layers later that afternoon. We decided to keep her and call her Rosie. Rosie is almost 1 year old right now and is having what we think is poor blood circulation due to her size. Her combs have a slight purple tint to the and she tires easily while free ranging.

My question is, Will it hurt her if we gave her a 1/2 of an aspirin daily or a childrens aspirin to help with her blood flow? I was wondering if you have ever heard of anyone using high grade, therapeutic essential oils on chickens to help with this or any other issue?

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read my question,


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by: Sharon

As I'm sure you know, Cornish Cross were developed for one specific purpose. Their inbred strengths and weaknesses can vary from one individual to another. A chicken that was bred to be processed at about 2 months of age, is likely doomed to an unhealthy life if allowed to live.

That said, she is still here and doing her best to survive in spite of her inbred weaknesses. Heart problems are common - which can explain her discolored comb & her getting tired easily.

In my experience with this breed, it is not in their best interest to allow them to age along with more "normal" breeds. I was given one that had been "rescued" from being butchered. She was about a year old, had much trouble walking, couldn't roost or live a normal chicken life.

Now that you've named her and gotten attached, I'm pretty sure you will try to keep her going, so anything you can do to make her life more comfortable will make you feel better, and possibly make the rest of her life more enjoyable. I'm not saying that to be unkind, but I am personally aware of the future troubles of this breed if allowed to age and I don't recommend "rescuing" them.

She's already outlived her healthy life span by 6 times at a year of age and is experiencing the problems of a very old chicken. She may have inherited some good strengths that have kept her alive and active this long. I personally believe you will be having to work against her genetic structure to try to help her get better. You may be successful at slowing down her aging process, as it seems her good care may have already done.

You mentioned essential oils in your email title. If you want to try some, I would focus on general physical well being, heart health, oxygenating the blood, working on pain and inflammation due to the stress on her supportive joints.

If your chickens are free ranging, I think it's important to note that her weakness may attract predators. Predators take note of the weakest in a flock and can harm others in the flock, too, once they start watching.

Has she laid any eggs?

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