Chicken Burrowing


Chicken Burrowing: Are chickens supposed to burrow in the dirt?

Chickens don't really burrow in the dirt as much as they scratch, loosen dirt and take dust baths. 

They aren't tunneling anywhere, but could, just by choosing to make a bath pit near a fence or wall, create a place where they or a predator could get in and out of a pen, or coop, if it has a dirt floor. 

They love to take dust baths.  Dust can actually absorb some excess oils on feathers and can discourage some parasites as well. 

If you don't like the location your chickens have chosen, you'll need to fill theirs and cover it with wire and start a new one for them.  The dust bath spots can be a tripping hazard for people. 

Unless you have wire or something solid covering the entire floor of coop or pen, they will most likely dig some dust bath pits when the ground is dry enough. 

I like to add Diatomaceous Earth to my chicken's dust baths pits.  It's a natural product (Food Grade DE), can offer trace minerals to their diet,  topically and internally help control parasites and help balance the digestive system of chickens.

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