Chicken Raising And Care: From The Chickens Perspective

Chicken raising and care, now that's what I'm talking about. I will work for food and do! All I ask in return is that you provide me a nice little home with a place to sleep and a cozy nest and I'll give you the most delicious eggs you have ever tasted. I'm told I can be quite entertaining along with other valuable qualities.

My others skills are unmatched by anyone. For example:

  • I provide chemical-free fertilizer for your lawn(Provided you don’t let me eat chemicals.)
  • I weed eat all those pesky little weeds and can save you hours on the lawn mower.
  • People took me in out of the wild jungles and have been keeping me close for more than 8000 year. Some have become quite the experts in chicken raising and care. Oddly, I am the closest living thing related to a T-rex. But don't let that scare you, some of us only get 6” tall and the biggest, a little less than 3’. We generally only eat bugs, seeds, grains and vegetation, not people and definitely not other dinosaurs.

    Chicken raising and care T Rex Chicken
  • I come in some of the most beautiful colors you could ever imagine. There are over 400 varieties of me. Most humans do not realize that we come in so many different shapes and sizes.
  • I have this cousin. She's a polish hen and she can't see very well because her top feathers cover her eyes. She's always running into things. Daddy Brad has to show her how to get back home every night, but she is so funny. On their website you’ll see just how much we’ve taught these people about chicken raising and care.

    By the way one of my best qualities is the entertainment I provide for my human family. They have this funny habit of sitting on the front porch drinking sweet tea; watching me and my brothers and sisters for hours (I think I heard one of them say it helps to relieve stress). They say they love chicken raising and care like me, but I know I'm their favorite.

    You can even train me to come to you when you say here chicky chicky chicky. But you need to trick me with my favorite food if you want me to come running.

    If you are interested in taking me home, there are several things you need to know about chicken raising and care, and these nice people who run this web site can help you. By the way I am doing some consulting work for them. I live with one of them and we do the egg trading for chicken info thing.

    Well as you can tell I am really writing this for all my brothers and sisters because there are a lot of us out there and more hatching every day.

    My family has created one of the best chicken web sites I have ever seen (remember I can't read). It has information on:

  • My family history (chicken breeds).
  • My favorite houses (chicken coops).
  • How to feed me (feeding chickens).
  • Raising baby chicks (I provided most of the info here).
  • And numerous other things including, raising chickens organically, having chickens as pets, and even chicken diseases.
  • This place has the best stuff on chicken raising and care.

    My cousin Banty had this thing called infectious bronchitis and we found out all sorts of information in the chicken diseases section (I think it saved her life).

    By the way since we are talking here I need to vent. I don't appreciate those cows promoting the eating of chickens. So I am going to start my on promotional campaign:

    What Do You Think?

    Chickens raising and care Rhode Island Reds

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