Chicken with Swollen Eye

by Cate
(Victoria Australia)

Hello. I have a pekin who has a very swollen eye. I first thought it may have been an eye worm but now I am not convinced. I can't find a worm and it seems to have pus when I press around her eye. I looked at the top of her mouth and cleaned the passage that goes to her eye with a cotton tip and it started to bleed a bit with pus - although I was very gentle. I don't know how to treat her eye because I am not sure exactly what is wrong with it. She is otherwise healthy and is isolated from the flock. Can you please help me as to how I can treat her eye apart from bathing it and keeping it clean?

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Eye Infection
by: sharon


This sounds like a very serious eye problem. You didn't say if the swelling and infection is in the eye ball itself or just around it.

I get concerned most about infections near the brain, in ears or eyes. I would suggest that you get hold of a broad spectrum antibiotic, one that you can inject in a muscle. I don't recommend oral antibiotics for birds as I have seen how it ruins their digestive system.

You should be able to find liquid boric acid for eye washing or the powder to make your own solution. Boric acid alone might clean out a mild infection, but should help a lot along with antibiotic treatment.

Most serious chicken eye infections start with an injury of some kind.

Please let us know how this chicken does.

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