Do Chickens with Missing Feathers Get Cold?

by allan

i have a plymouth rock that was attacked by an opossum. did not break skin but pulled lots of feathers. its cold weather and was concerned about her gitting too cold. any suggestions

thanks, allan

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Do Chickens with Missing Feathers Get Cold?
by: Sharon

So glad she survived the attack! Thanks for writing in.

I had a hen go through a Hard Molt a few years ago and by Winter, she had not grown in the feathers on her back...she looked plucked with no sign of new feather growth. I was very concerned for her ability to stay warm through an Ohio Winter.

I purchased a "Hen Saver" Saddle/Apron from Crazy K Pet & Poultry Products.

I got one that was fleece lined and she did great! She still hadn't grown those feathers back by Spring, so I'm glad I helped her.

You didn't say where your girl is missing feathers, so I don't know if this product would cover the right areas on her, but it might add to her warmth over all through Winter.

You have to make sure to fit it properly, not too loose or tight. The one I purchased stayed on her with no further adjustments needed. She was able to move freely, even fly up the 3' to the roost with no problem. She did scare the heck out of the rest of the flock in her debut appearance, but that was good, as they had been picking on her.

She lived on to regrow her feathers in the Spring and lay me plenty of nice eggs. The following Winter she had no need of it. Even still, I believe it was well worth the cost to help her through a Winter in style and warmth.

There's currently one on sale for $6.49. Not sure if it would be the right size for your girl, but could be.

I'm sure you could find some patterns on line, if you want to DIY, but for less than $10 it's hardly worth the effort - in my book.

You're a good chicken keeper to have this concern for one of your flock!

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