by Shin Rai
(Delhi, India)

Hello. I have a rooster and he is 8 months old his crown is very big and because of that it started tilting towards one side and now his right eye is totally covered by that. He can not eat I feed him daily with my own hands he can not scratch his body whenever he tries scratch or clean himself his crown makes it impossible for him. Watching him like this makes me so sad. I showed him to some bird hospitals they said we can't shrink or cut his crown. Plz help.

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by: sharon

Hello Shin Rai,

I'm so sorry to read about this rooster's difficulties. I have to say this is the first time I've run across this situation. I'm familiar with the term "dubbing", so found this article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dubbing_(poultry)

I would never dub a rooster for cosmetic reasons, but at this point, I believe this surgery is the only thing that will save your rooster's life and help him have good quality of life. Plus it will relieve you of much stress and worry.

I believe you need to continue to look for a surgeon willing to perform the dubbing procedure on your rooster. Since he is older than the age this surgery is recommended, he would need a true surgical procedure, because there would be quite a bit of bleeding.

There is always a risk in any surgery,especially under anesthesia, which should be given to prevent stress and pain. (Sadly, dubbing is often performed without any pain relief, but often done on day old chicks, or just a few weeks old, when combs/crowns are very small, hardly developed.

So, other than comb/crown removal, I see no other option for helping this rooster.

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