by Kristy

Have 13 adolescent chickens mixed in with 12 adult chickens, one adolescent is smaller than the rest. Went out this morning and the eyes on the smaller one are gunky with one completely closed and some bubbles. Holds other eye open but full of gunk. Other chickens pecking on this ones head pretty consistently. This flock was laid and hatched with us so there has been no introduction of new chickens. She is eating fine. We Have taken her out of main population so she isn't being picked on and put here with five younger chicks in a separate area. Suggestions as to what could be going on?

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by: Sharon

Bubbles in the discharge in the eyes of a chicken are a sign of Infectious Coryza - HIGHLY INFECTIOUS.

I wouldn't keep that chick anywhere near other chickens. The ones you put with the sick one should be isolated, well cared for and watched for any symptoms.

I would guess, since this one is the smallest, that it was not thriving, that it's immune system was too weak to fight back the symptoms of Coryza.

I'd suggest you study up on Coryza. You have it in your flock now - if that is what this is. I can't possibly diagnose, but the eye bubbles are a common symptom with Coryza. It's a bacterial infection that may respond to antibiotic treatments and strong individuals may recover from symptoms, but they remain carriers.

On the chance that some of your flock may not have been infected, I would suggest a disinfection of all water containers, especially, but as much cleaning as you can do.

There is a vaccine and some chickens can be naturally immune.

I highly suspect this is Coryza - but couldn't possibly tell you for sure. I would take precautions as if this is Coryza - which include not passing it along by selling any chickens unless you can be sure this isn't Coryza. Chickens can carry the disease silently with out ever being sick.

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