by John
(spencer, NC, USA)

3 month old buff orphington pullet started keeping eyes closed alot but seemed otherwise fine. Would open eyes to eat or when she bumped into something. Now seems to keep eyes closed all time. Eyes seem fine other than that. What could it be?


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by: Sharon

The only thing that comes to mind about this pullet keeping her eyes closed would be a vision problem, possibly light sensitivity, since there seem to be no signs of discharge from eyes. An irritation would cause them to be watery, an infection would usually be accompanied with thick mucous from eyes.

You might try placing her in a low light area and see if she is still keeping her eyes closed. I'd give her a thorough exam for signs of parasites, being under weight, any injuries under her feathers or any other possible clues.

Vitamin deficiencies can cause light sensitivity & other vision problems. Chickens can come into this world with flaws and problems not easy to diagnose. She may have a vision problem which makes keeping her eyes open confusing.

Not sure what else to suggest.

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