hen turns into rooster

by cleo

I have 3 chicks 83 days old, one of them is a rooster(I could see that a month ago) the other 2 were hens. It seems like just over night the hens have turned to roosters-what happened-and is this permanent?

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83 Day old "Hens" become Roosters
by: sharon

I'm not sure what you saw in these young chickens that caused you to determine that they were hens. I don't know the changes you saw that you have decided they are roosters.

Most juvenile chickens look more like hens. As they become more mature, cockerels will start to grow in their mature feathering, including more elaborate neck feathers, tail, sickle and saddle feathers, spurs may grow and they may have already begun to practice crowing. It's not unusual for individuals to mature at their own rate, even from the same hatching date.

Not knowing if you have raised chicks before, I'm not sure if this is a different breed than you are used to raising. Different breeds can take longer to mature than others.

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