Loosing Feathers

by Leslie
(Corning, CA.)


How long & how often do chickens molt? They are loosing feathers from their behind area and some from their wing/back area.

They have also stopped laying for the past 2-3 weeks..... help!!

Are your chickens under any undue stress? Stress i.e., such as a fox or dog stalking the coop. Stress will cause your chickens to lose feathers and stop producing eggs.

As far as molting is concerning, chickens will molt approximately the first fall after their first full spring.

Molting time and duration can also depend on their age and how much protein they are getting in their diets. Molting hens will not lay eggs and need to be fed more protein than usual.

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Loss of neck feathers
by: Anonymous

Hi, we have four hens and one of them has a completely bald ring around her neck. None of the others have. They are all laying daily and appear to be happy and healthy. We are relatively new to owning chickens and tend to worry about everything to do with them. Any advice please?

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