Manx Rumpy: The Persian Bird

The Manx Rumpy chicken breed is an excellent free range bird that requires virtually no supplemental feed. The breed also does not grow a conventional tail.

Breed Facts:

Size: Standard Male: 5.5 Ibs. Standard Female: 4.5 Ibs.

Comb, Wattles & Earlobes: They have various combs that show up regularly, but small single combs are the most common in this breed. The wattles and earlobes are small to medium and all are bright red. They earlobes may however have a white center.

Color: The breed comes in various colors.

Place of Origin: Iran and Iraq (Persia)

Conservation Status: Study

Special Qualities: An excellent free range bird

This breed is rare in North America, but comes from the area of the Persian Gulf. Although, rare some breeders have kept enough stock in the breed to keep them going in America. There has most recently even been an accelerated interest in the breed.

Like the Araucana, the breed is missing the last vertebrae that would hold the tail feathers up and so doesn't have a normal tail.

The breed was originally called the Persian Rump-less because of this trait, but in the 1900's a long time breeder dubbed them their current name because of their resemblance to the Manx cat and the name stuck.

These birds are excellent free range birds and can take care of most of their feed needs on their own. They are good layers of medium-size brown eggs, although certain hens will lay multicolored eggs including white, blue, and green. The hens do tend to go broody. The breed does commonly have fertility problems.

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