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bald hen
by: Anonymous

have 3 HENS 2black--- 1whitethat is losing feat hers, help ! quorum

Feather loss solved
by: Rochelle

I had two hens with nearly bald necks, but were not in molt. I finally confirmed what was happening to them when the "head hen" died. Their feathers grew back.

I never saw her pecking them but one night heard one of the hens moaning and went out to check but couldn't see anything wrong but suspected the feather pulling vs mites or fleas.

Now that the Buff Orp died (the head hen), ( she was egg bound) the others' feathers are growing back.

They have large coop and run free much of the day so not an issue of crowding but dominance. I was about to separate the head hen for 24 hours to change the pecking order when she died, but that is something for others to try if the head hen is too aggressive.

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