My dog got ahold of my silkie and plucked some of her back feathers, what can I use on it and will they grow back


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by: Sharon

You asked what you can use on "it". I'm not sure if the problem is just missing feathers and bare skin or if there are wounds. If it's just a case of missing feathers, there is no need to treat her or use anything on the area.

Feathers can usually be pulled without any damage to the feather structure under the skin. Usually new feathers naturally grow back in a fairly short amount of time.

There can be bleeding if "blood feathers" were broken off. Blood feathers are a stage of new feathers with a blood supply in the shaft of the feathers. Once a feather is fully grown in, the blood supply recedes and dries up, leaving the hollow dry shaft. If there are broken feathers, they can be plucked which will encourage new feather growth more quickly.

If there is broken skin it should be cleaned, if necessary, and treated with an antibiotic powder, spray or ointment.

If there were no other injuries to the chicken or her skin, she will probably look normal in about a month.

Domestic dogs are one of the most common chicken predators. It can be our own dogs or strays that wander in.

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