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How do I introduce old chickens to a new rooster who have never had a rooster for the first time?

That’s a great question. I’m just a little concerned when you say old chickens, not quite sure what that means.

One of the things I love about animals is they are usually very in touch with what comes naturally.

I believe this will be true, even with a late introduction to the opposite sex.

Not knowing what kind of set up you have, how many hens, the nature of your hens or this rooster, I would just recommend the introduction take place in the largest yard you have for them, in the morning when you usually let the hens out and you have time to watch.

It would be good if you have a special treat for them all to share, making sure all can get to some without bickering.

Nothing like good food to take the edge off and be a good distraction for all.

I suspect that these girls are a well bonded flock and will see him as a handsome intruder. He’ll be in their territory and know it.

It’s up to him to make it his territory. You will learn a lot about his character by how he introduces himself.

Some roosters are more prone to courtship and some are all business. Hopefully he’s old enough and possibly
experienced with hens and won’t be a coward; if submissive, the girls won’t be impressed.

The hens might show him who is boss, if he’s not ready to be. He may be a little uneasy at this windfall of good looking available gals.

He might be on the lookout for another rooster, making sure he doesn’t have to do battle to win the right to breed.

Chances are he’ll breed as many hens as he can in the least amount of time. The girls will shake their feathers back into position, and all will get on with their chicken day.

You may see some mock battles and posturing, but I wouldn’t interfere unless things get violent.

There are aggressive hens and aggressive roosters, so, for the safety of your birds, you should keep an eye on them till satisfied all is well.

I’ve done similar introducing a new rooster to a flock with an existing rooster and just watched to make sure there was no serious fighting.

There wasn’t the first day and all have been together for about 8 months without a single fight.

There was question here the other day about a rooster that was killing hens. I’ve never experienced that in many years with many chickens and roosters, but knowing it’s possible, thought I should mention it.

But don’t worry, it should go just fine.

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Rex the Rooster
by: Anonymous

My roo was rescued from the tip. No owner so I felt sorry for him and bought him home to introduce him to my 2 girls. He is only about 4 months old from what I can guess. Unfortunately he is extremely submissive. They have never seen a roo in their lives and have been together now for about 2 weeks. At first I was worried that he would hurt my girls but quickly realised it was the other way around. They are getting along a little better now and can, at last, tolerate the sight of each other. Thankyou for the information you provided as it has made me understand this process may take a bit of time. Looking forward to a harmonious backyard.

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