Rooster Questions

A rooster is a male chicken. He can also be called a cockerel (rooster less than a year old), a cock or a roo. He is very clever and uses his innate senses to protect his flock.

There can several flocks on a farm or in a coop but there is only one rooster per flock. Roosters will perch about 4 or 5 feet above their flock or circle around the hens to be on guard for predators. Once they see an intruder they will crow a very distinctive sound to let the hens know something is up and to be watchful for predators.

Breeding season is spring and early summer. The rooster will dance around the hen with one wing down during courtship or he will lead her to eat and while she is eating he will mount her and begin the mating process.

Roosters are much more aggressive than hens and will fight other roosters in the coop to establish a pecking order. They will also fight to the death to get rid of a predator that is attacking one of his hens. Roosters are a vital part of any flock. If you have a question you would like answered click here.

Rooster Questions


What's wrong with my rooster?

Question What's wrong with my rooster? I have a Buckeye rooster about 8-9 mos. old. Noticed he was lying in the shade on very hot day, 90+. The …

Rooster causing bald spots on my hens

Question Rooster causing bald spots on my hens: I never had chickens before, and had never been around them until I purchased 5 hens in August 2009. …

New rooster

Question How do I introduce old chickens to a new rooster who have never had a rooster for the first time? Answer That’s a great question. I’m …

Sick bantam rooster

Question Sick bantam rooster: We had a TERRIBLE rain storm last night. The chickens were in their shed during the time but I noticed when coming …

My Rooster is acting drunk

Question My Rooster is acting drunk I have a one year old Bantam Rooster named Little Bit. He has been very healthy up until about a week or so ago. …

Love the roosters, hate the spurs

Love the roosters, hate the spurs: Beautiful roosters, ouch! those spurs. Cap them, lots of things can be used. We tried a few, valve stem caps, …

My Rooster is Not Crowing 
Question Rooster loss of voice & hopping: I have a 1 year old bantam rooster. I haven't heard him crow in over 3 days. He is eating and drinking and …

Miscellaneous Rooster Questions Not rated yet
Question We had a rooster and a chicken, who just showed up in our yard one day, we think they were left behind when a neighbor moved. We built …

Pecking a butt

 Not rated yet
Question Pecking a butt: A few months ago our chickens where vent pecking, we treated it and it seemed they were growing back... until yesterday. …

Rooster leg problem

 Not rated yet
Question Rooster leg problem: We are not sure how old our rooster is, but today he can not walk on his legs. Last year he had a small issue with …

Sick Three Year Old rooster

 Not rated yet
Question: Sick three year old rooster: I have a three year old rooster. He seems to be laying around a lot, his comb looks darker than usual and he …

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