by Christina Moreland
(Norco, California)

I have 7 chickens. One of them has a flopped over pale comb and now it's starting to sneeze all the time. She still eats fine not sure if laying. I only collect about three a day but don't know what ones there from about 2 weeks ago. I found one dead chicken in the coop. They are in a backyard coop. I can't see any other problems with any of the other chickens. Should I separate the sick chicken or how do I treat it? I've never raise chickens before so I'm new at this. Please help.


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by: Sharon

I'm very concerned that one died and now one is sick. You said you are new at this...wondering how long you've had these chickens and if they were healthy for a while with you. Have you had them since chicks, or did you get them recently?

I would definitely separate the sneezing one, mainly because you've already had one die. Could be something contagious. A reasonable size cage or pen is good. I would recommend that you give a vitamin and electrolyte supplement to all your chickens.

I hope they have a good and varied diet that includes a good layer feed, fresh water & a variety of chicken safe fruits, veggies and things.

You should check all your chickens for parasites, especially lice and mites. You can find photos on line of what to look for. I like to use a product called Food Grade DE - Diatomaceous Earth. It's a natural supplement that can deworm naturally, plus other healthy benefits.

The vitamins and electrolytes may be what the sneezing chicken needs to get her strength back, and stop sneezing. The droopy comb can be a sign of many things, but mainly low blood pressure, which can be caused by dehydration or a parasite infestation robbing her blood supply.

Hope that helps. I would do a thorough cleaning of your coop, scrub out feeders and water containers.

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