My mom said the chicks have watery red eyes. Why is this so?

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by: Sharon

When trying to understand problems with our chickens, I like to compare their symptoms to similar symptoms in humans.

Red and watery eyes usually mean some kind of irritation in the eyes. I don't know how many chicks you have, or if all of them have the exact same symptoms. I don't know how you are keeping your chicks, if you are using any products that might burn their eyes.

Dust from wood shavings can be an irritant, any chemicals you might use to clean, any chemicals or powders you might use to deodorize or treat for parasites.

To help the chicks their eyes should be flushed out with eye wash. Try to determine what is causing the problem. I'd suggest cleaning out the brooder, or whatever housing you are using. Rinse it well. Try newspaper for the bottom of the brooder. Don't use cedar shavings as the oil is toxic to birds.

This could be an early sign of a respiratory infection, so watch for any other signs of illness.

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