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Gape worm
by: Anonymous

It could also mean your chook has gape worm. You will find a wormer at your pet store.

A good general purpose wormer and external parasite application is ivomec pour-on for sheep (1 drop on the back of the neck and 1 drop orally - this is used by pet stores even though it has not been registered for avian treatment).

I just use 2 drops on the back of the neck as it's supposed to be applied this way for internal and external parasites. My chooks generally weigh 1.5kg each.

strange ailment
by: janicepenrod

i fully agree with the answer given but i also have a small suggestion.

Since chickens will eat anything it is possible (as the answer said) that she has something stuck in her throat.

Try giving her some small pieces (dime size) of the center of a slice of bread. it will stick to whatever is stuck and take it on down to the craw. it may be no more than a small piece of dried vegetation. good luck.

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