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super/crazy glue on wounded chicken
by: MaMa Patsy

you are right about danger of infection from completly closing the wound. Our hen Buffy survived a possum attack but was left with 3 long wide gashes on her back. I cleaned the wounds well then sprayed with Dr. Naylors Blu-Kote which acts as anti bacterial and anti fungal. I then spot glued the gashes together with super glue leaving about one fourth an inch between "glue stiches"the length of the wounds. This way the wound could drain if need be and be able to accept any more topical medication which was only Blu-Kote. I was amazed at how quickly her wounds healed and with very little scarring. Her feathers grew back to the point where you'd really have to look hard for the scars. Of course consult with your vet before doing anything out of the ordinary like this.

Super Glue
by: Anonymous

Although it is good to close up a wound, you can actually do more damage because you are closing all the bacteria up inside of the animal. This can lead to toxin production and death. Make sure you discuss antibiotics with your veterinarian along with this potential treatment.

wound or injury repair
by: the girls in my backyard

hello, hope this helps. most people don't realize that crazy glue was developed to seal wounds in people. we have used it in the past to repair a large open wound on a hamster which survived a cat attack.

The wound was deep and went from the tail to nearly the shoulders of the hamster we cleaned it up and sealed it with crazy glue at my husbands directions and it survived. my husband is a nurse so he suggested it and it worked.

I'm sure it would work on hens as well. it may sting when first applied but the pain stops quickly and it seals well.I've tried it on a cut to my finger in the past and it worked like, well, crazy glue.

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