Sexing Barred Rock Chickens


Sexing Barred Rock Chickens: How do you tell the difference between a young barred rock hen and a young barred rock rooster. They are almost 4 months old.

Sexing baby chicks can be very difficult for those who are not trained. Even with experience sexing experts are only 90 to 95 percent accurate. The older the chicken becomes the easier it will be to determine the sex.

For barred rock chickens you should look at the following characteristics:

1.Pullets(young hens) will usually develop tail and wing feathers before the cockerel(young rooster).

2.Around five to six weeks young roosters will start getting larger and start to develop a red colored comb.

3.The fluffy feathers that cover a roosters neck is called hackle feathers. Barred rock cockerels will usually develop these around two to three months of age.

4.From three to nine months look for a cockerel to have a larger comb and wattle. Also don't forget about the spurs.

5.The white bars of a cockerel are wider than those of a pullet.

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by: Chad Wuckert

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Sex link
by: Anonymous

Dawn sound like a standard sex link cross of barred rock and red.

Mutt Rooster?

by: Dawn

I purchased a black sexlink chick at a feed store. It was black, I had read that the black sexlink chicks with white on the heads were boys so I made sure not to choose one with white.

It is now about 4 months and has black feathers that look a bit green in the sun light(like a starling) but has brown feathers down the neck and shoulders, Greenish but more mustard colored legs( no spurs so far).

Lives alone at this time with a Sebright hen purchased at the same time. It seems to be trying to crow and has a small spiky red comb and is just starting to get red waddles. Any clue as to the breed this might be if it is a rooster.

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