Sick bantam rooster

by Michelle
(Wilkinson, In)


Sick bantam rooster: We had a TERRIBLE rain storm last night.

The chickens were in their shed during the time but I noticed when coming home late this afternoon that our tiny bantam rooster who is usually lively and loud was quiet, wobbly, and lethargic and had a droopy tail.

All the other guys and gals are great. He ate and drank when I put it in front of him but....

He is filthy from all the mud the storm produced. I think I will pull him into the garage and monitor him closely but I don't know what to do for him.

Help!! He's one of our favorites and the boys are showing him at 4H this summer.

I would give him a nice warm bath and dry with hair dryer on low. Then provide him a draft free area and heat lamp.

I would suggest some vitamins and conditioning feed and some fresh fruit and greens to perk him up. If you are still concerned you might want to get him to the vet for an exam and diagnosis.

It would be difficult not seeing him and knowing so little to give much more advice than that.

I hope he snaps out of this.

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Banty in Bad Shape

by: Sharon Keithly

Banty in Bad Shape: The lump in his craw probably means the food inside has become impacted. This can happen if he was unable to get to water after eating feed.

It would be good to offer him lots of water with a bit of apple cider vinegar, ½ cup water with 1 tbsp of vinegar.

After he drinks a bit, massage the craw to mix the liquid with craw contents. This should allow the craw contents to digest and pass through normally.

I?m not sure why his comb would be black. I don?t think it has to do with the craw problem.

A comb will turn black when it becomes frost-bitten, possibly dark blue if he isn't getting enough oxygen due to slowed breathing or poor blood circulation.

I would be most concerned about the craw lump.

If the contents of his craw have a strong rotten smell, it will be best to get him to drink and moisten the contents and turn him upside down to milk the craw contents out through his mouth.

Too much bacteria in the craw contents could make him very sick. Once his craw is empty it would be good to give him some probiotics.

You can buy this at most feed stores. Live culture plain yogurt will have a similar effect, restoring good digestive bacteria to the craw for better digestion.

Banty in Bad Shape

by: b. tyra

Banty in Bad Shape: We have a banty who was fine yesterday, but he now has a lump in his craw and his comb is black. What can we do?

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