String-Like White Tips on Comb

by Carrie Nowlin
(Okemos, MI)

My year-old Barred Rock has what looks like little white strings coming from the points of her comb. I put some vaseline on them in case it is a mite or something that can be smothered. She also laid a soft shelled egg today and yesterday. Otherwise, she is totally normal. Eating, drinking, begging...all her normal antics. What are these little strings? They are truly connected to the points, not just something that got caught on them!

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comb tips
by: sharon

This looks like dried dead skin cells on the tips of her comb from your photo. The vaseline was a good idea. Was this photo taken after you applied it? A soft shelled egg can simply be a fluke, and not happen again, or it can be a sign that she isn't getting enough calcium. The comb tips don't look infected or injured, so this may be a simple shedding of excess skin cells. They don't appear to be strings from what I can see. If they appear more stringy growths to you, you might try an antifungal cream. The comb looks healthy other than the few dry looking tips. Glad she seems healthy other wise. Those are always the best signs.

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