Swollen Eye

by Sheila williams

I have a hen with a swollen eye. No sign of trauma nothing. It's getting bigger too. I've cleaned it, put drops into it. Each day it's swollen worse. She can't open her eye at all. ???

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Hen with Swollen Eye
by: sharon

Sorry to hear about this. I wish I could see what you are talking about. Sounds like you are saying the eyelids are swollen, or is it the eye ball?

If the swelling has increased, something is still irritating the eye, either the eye ball or possibly something inside the eyelid.

As it is getting worse, what I would do is have someone help hold her and try to open the lids and see what's going on.

No idea what kind of eye drops you are using, if they are just soothing or antibiotic. At this point an antibiotic would be called for.

If there is a foreign particle or infected wound that would account for the increase in swelling.

This could be the sign of a virus or other illness, but without being able to see her, don't think we can be much more helpful.

It would be difficult to get a great photo of such a small area, but a photo might help us see more.

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