The "Lucky" Chicken



The "Lucky" Chicken:
As I walked down the hall to the 4H office I could hear the chicks. I knew the sound because I'd received my first batch of chicks just a week prior.

There in the office were several boxes of chicks that had been part of a project at the local schools.

The teachers had been instructed to drop off the chicks to the 4H office so they could be taken to a local farm.

In one of the boxes was a sad little chick that was being assaulted by the other chicks. I was told the little one had hatched only that day and been taken straight out of the incubator without time to dry/warm and put in the box to come to the 4H office!

It was clear this chick wasn't going to survive, and without even thinking I picked him up and said that I'd take him home and give him a peaceful place for nature to take its course.

So I drove home with a peeping little chick inside my shirt and put him in a separate box from my other week-old guys.

I cautioned the kids that survival was unlikely, but provided warmth, food and water, just in case.

Well, that little guy was a lot tougher than I gave him credit! Of course, he's a rooster, and a leghorn... two things I'd hoped to avoid!

He spent the first 2+ months separate from the other chicks because he seemed so small.

During that time he lived in the house, took naps tucked inside my sweatshirt, and developed a liking for watching TV with the family in the evenings!

He even went on a road trip with us because we didn't trust leaving him on his own!

We realized, though, that he really needed to be a chicken, so we slowly and painstakingly introduced him to the flock.

He'd still run for his "Momma" whenever he saw me. One day I accidentally got locked in the chicken coop (don't ask) and had to wait 15 minutes until the school bus dropped off my daughter so I could have her let me out.

I looked out the chicken door and saw "Lucky" in the run. "Hey Lucky Chicken! Come keep Momma company in here!" I called. And here came "Lucky" running up the ramp to keep me company!

Now he is five months old, and the finest looking specimen I have ever seen. He's gotten more "rooster-like" in his behavior and is no-longer my cuddle-buddy, but we all still have a soft spot for the guy.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful story! He is a lucky chicken!

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