Water and Sugar for Chickens

by Mark Olmos
(San Antonio, TX)


We have heard from other growers and farmers that if we put sugar in the water it gives the chickens energy is this true?

Doing this, can it harm the chickens?

Do you need them to have more energy? How would this increase production?

I don't think it would harm the birds. But I don't understand how it would really help them either.

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Sugar for chickens from corn

by: Anonymous

Sugar for chickens from corn: Corn is a seed that is low in nutritional value. It mainly contains carbohydrates and sugar with a small amount of naturally occurring oil.

It's been used as a base for chicken feeds for a long time and they do love to eat it. Most corn available for human and animal feed is genetically modified and studies are showing that animals fed this seed do not remain healthy long term.

Due to the high carbohydrate (starch) content of corn, it has been used to fatten up animals for market.

The more an animal weighs, the more money the seller can make, but this kind of fat on a living animal is not healthy for them and is often discarded in the butchering process.

The best diet for chickens is what they would eat naturally. Seeds and grains would be seasonal foods, just as fresh fruit.

Pastured or free range chickens enjoy a lot of grasses, small plants and sprouted seeds, along with bugs, worms and seasonal insects.

To keep hens laying much of the year, a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates, plant fiber, fats and vitamins and minerals.

Even though the cost of corn has been on the rise, its value as a whole and healthy food has not.

No honey
by: judema

Honey can kill a hummingbird, when I got my chicks from the supplier they recommend a little sugar in the water to raise their body temp.

by: sharon

Refined sugar isn't really good for anyone. I agree with the last poster, that there are a lot of natural foods with sugars, like fruit, that are good for chickens.

The only reason I can imagine to give sugar water is if you have a suddenly weak chicken. Just as for a diabetic, a bit of sugar will perk them, when blood sugar gets low.

This could happen after shipping, or if a bird was somehow dehydrated, or starved, like if it got trapped somewhere, or were injured somehow.

THEN a little (teaspoon - tablespoonful) of sugar water, with a pinch of salt or Gatorade or Pedialyte could be very beneficial and save a life.

The best energy sources for your chickens is a healthy balanced diet of seeds, fruits, berries, vegetables, grasses, bugs, worms, even the occasional mouse or small snake, and plenty of fresh water.

Sugars are needed and available, in a healthy form and quantity, in natural foods.

No No to sugar!
by: Elaine Kuhl-Goldman

No No - I would never advise giving them sugar!
The best for energy is fresh fruits & vegetables.

I give mine lots of fresh corn (I buy it in winter frozen - and mix up with rice and oatmeal each week and put into daily containers!)

I also quarter grapes (they love them!) and banana's - open and they'll peck and eat it all ...even the peel! Sugar is not a natural forage for birds of any kind!

Sugar water even for hummingbirds is not the natural sugar they need....honey and honeysuckle is better!

Exercise is the best for energy too... let them free roam and they'll have plenty of energy!

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