by David Ndungu

Is this a sign or symptoms of Gumboro disease or what might be the cause?


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by: brad

Since Gumboro is a highly contagious viral disease, if it is present in your area, it would be a definite possibility.

You didn't say the age of the chicks of what breed. You didn't say if they have been like this since hatching, or if they suddenly seem weak legged.

If they were healthy at the beginning and suddenly seem weak, I would suspect disease. Some diseases can spread easily, can be tracked into one enclosure from another, can be brought in from another facility on new chicks or chickens that have been exposed, even on your shoes.

It usually takes a few symptoms to be able to pin point a specific disease. Weak legs could have many causes; from diet, to genetic disorders, to environmental toxins. I really can help you diagnose the problem with so little information.

One of the best cures is to give high quality foods, not just processed foods or seeds. Vitamins are important for young growing chicks.

Some breeds of meat chickens grow very fast and put on a lot of weight, sometimes more than their legs can support. These breeds are not meant to live very long due to their unnatural physical features.

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