by Rebekah
(Key Largo Florida U.S.A)

what can I do for the chick when both eyes are watering and she seems to be in pain?


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by: Sharon

I'm not sure why you believe this chick is in pain. It could have gotten some dust particles in its eyes, or possibly this is the early warning of an illness.

As long as the liquid is clear and watery, there shouldn't be much to worry about. If the liquid is thick or bubbly, this can be the sign of illness or disease.

Make sure your brooder is plenty warm and there are no drafts. Chicks should get sunshine on warm days - if you can do that safely. You might want to give some extra vitamins and minerals, especially if the chicks are on chick start only and can't get out to forage in the sunshine.

Keeping chicks at a good warm temperature is vital to keep their digestive tracts and developing immune systems healthy. Keeping a clean supply of water is vital, too.

Any time they can't stay warm enough, chicks are in danger of becoming ill and weak. I can't tell you what is wrong, as it could be many things, and would only be guesses. I highly recommend NOT giving antibiotics as a preventative or cure-all. Giving the wrong antibiotic or antibiotics when they are not needed can actually weaken the health of chicks.

MOST IMPORTANT - Warmth, for this and any young chicks you have.

After that a clean, dry, safe environment with healthy foods and fresh water.

If you see any other symptoms, treat for those. You could flush the eyes with an eye wash, just in case something is irritating this little one's eyes.

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