What Would Make a Chicken's Comb Turn Pink?

I have a 1.5 year old hen who was injured and is now healing. Her comb has turned pink

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What Makes a Chicken's Comb Pink
by: Sharon

Much of what gives the bright red color to many chicken combs is blood flow under the skin. When a chicken is sick, has been injured, or for some other reason has low blood pressure, extremities like the comb and feet can lose some blood flow and even feel cold to the touch.

Conditions like blood loss or shock can lower blood pressure leaving more circulation for the internal organs in order to sustain life.

I would suggest that this chicken be offered a heat lamp where it can move close or away to regulate its own body temperature, like a chick in a brooder would. If you haven't given electolytes & vitamins, I would suggest that too.

I don't know the extent of the injury; if there was serious blood loss, possible infection, broken bones and pain, or continued stress due to the injury or from being in a weakened condition. So, I can't say exactly why her comb is pink at this point. But I would highly suggest that she be supported with privacy & peace, warmth, supplements and food and water.

Make sure her crop contents are well hydrated and not going sour. Keep track of how much she is eating and encourage her fluid intake with soaked feed, even soaked breads, cooked cereals, fruits and green veggies.

If you've had to give oral antibiotics watch for signs that her crop's normal good bacteria is still working to help digest her food. Give live culture yogurt or probiotics to help restore lost crop & digestive bacteria.

A teaspoon of raw Apple Cider Vinegar - unfiltered with the "Mother", in a cup of her water can also help with good digestion.

If you believe there is pain or discomfort due to her injury, you could give her a half a baby aspirin a day dissolved in water - give with syringe or eye dropper.

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