Why Would a Comb Have Black Spots?

Hi, I have been feeding some wild chickens for a year. There are a huge flock of them. There is one dominant rooser (grey) with two younger roosters (red). The grey one is particularly 'aggressive' to one of the red roosters. Lately, I have been able to find him as when I go to feed them, they all run up together. Today, he was on the other side of the field, all on his own, his red comb in dotted with black dots. I don't know whether the grey one has ousted him out and he is on his own, or he has some sort of disease.

I have grown very fond of them and would like to help, if I can.

Regards, Justine

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Why a Comb Might Have Black Spots
by: Sharon

It's most likely that those spots are dried blood from fighting, being picked on. It's totally normal and natural for roosters in a flock to establish dominance and to run off any extra roosters. If you really want to help that rooster, probably the best thing to do would be to capture him and keep him safe. On his own he is in much more danger, but he may still be allowed to roost with the flock at night.

You didn't say where you live. Wild chickens are common in some countries and places.

Other than capturing this rooster and protecting him, I don't think there's much I would recommend. He will either be OK or he won't.

Depending on the breed or mix that he might be, he might be OK on his own. Chickens can revert to good survival tendencies unless they happen to be a heavy bodied breed, not very able to fly up and roost safely.

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