Chicken Balance Questions

A number of issues can affect chicken balance. Here we are speaking of the physical ability of a chicken to stand and move about, as it wants, when it wants and needs to.

As with humans, balance is a vital skill that develops early in life, and can be affected by inner ear problems, fever, malnutrition, dehydration and injury. Discovering the cause for loss of balance is the first step in treating it, if possible.

Injury takes time to heal, generally requires isolation from other chickens that may attempt to bully a weaker one. Behind any loss of balance, in one or more of your flock, is a root cause, probably a disease. Some diseases can be vaccinated against, ensuring your chickens will be safe from some diseases, but not all.

Being an observant keeper of chickens will be your best tool in treating minor problems before they get out of hand. Simple dehydration and malnutrition can be handled with adequate food and water and aided with vitamin/electrolyte mixes designed for stressed or ill chickens.

Treating symptoms is important, and may save a life, but may not solve the root cause. Parasites can lead to these problems and must be safely treated and eradicated before a full recovery can be expected. Diseases and infections can lead to fever, loss of appetite for food and water, general weakness and inability to function normally.

A chicken balance problem is a symptom of some other problem less obvious. Quick and good detective work, to discover the cause, will result in being able to take life-saving action and possibly preventing the threat from spreading through the flock. Sometimes the cure may be as simple as securing the water bucket to prevent it tipping over on a hot day. If you have a question you would like answered click here.

Chicken Balance Questions


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