Pet Names For Chickens

I think it takes a creative process to come up with pet names for chickens. I like something that will help me remember their names. Each chicken has a unique personality, some more outstanding than others, and often a name becomes clear after seeing behavior that makes one chicken stand out in the flock.

I currently have 22 chickens and only 2 have names. Does that mean I have trouble finding pet names for chickens? As flock animals, they always tend to be grouped together. But one Cuckoo Marans hen came to me with the name, Leo, they were sure she was a rooster. 

In this case, the chicken came first, then the egg. She was a little boy’s pet that he lovingly raised and tearfully allowed his mother to sell to me, as long as I promised not to eat her. 

Leo is a goofy hen. She lays beautiful large dark brown eggs and is often the last into the coop at night, trying every way to get inside except the open door. 

Sometimes I have to pick her up and place her in the coop. I was going to change her name, but Leo suits her. The name makes as little sense as her difficulty entering the coop, (the same way she came out).

Pet names for chickens, Scout our Serama Rooster

The way I usually come up with pet names for chickens is to get to know them, then think of a name that will remind me of the most memorable thing about them.

My other chicken that has a name is my 15 lb Partridge Cochin rooster. He is an amazing rooster; so attentive to his hens, protective, generous when he finds a good treat - calling his hens to come and share. I’ve watched him leave the coop and round up one last hen (probably Leo, though I don’t recall) and coax her to come and roost for the night.

Where was I? Oh, yea, pet names for chickens… anyway, one day a neighbor’s rooster came over and seemed to have intentions towards some of our hens. My rooster didn’t seem bothered by the presence of competition, a lovely standard Game Cock

Pet names for chickens game hen

(with a reputation for fighting to the death).

Well, as I watched, hoping not to play referee, Game Cock decided it was time to fight and squared off with my rooster. My rooster just stood there looking at him. The next thing I knew Game Cock jumped forward with spurs out, my rooster jumped up, landed on top of Game Cock, pinning him to the ground for about a minute.

No chicken words were spoken, there was no pecking or damage, and my Cochin rooster earned his new name: “Sumo Rooster”. He’s built like a Sumo Wrestler and seems to know how to fight like one, too. Mr. Game Cock never challenged Sumo Rooster again.

Other ways to think up good pet names for chickens:

You could use all the great names names you like, but will probably never have enough children to use. You could use names of celebrities, story characters, saints, flowers, colors, fabrics, or constellations. 

But, I would like to caution you this: If you plan to sell or eat specific chickens, don’t name them, unless you have to for a pedigree. I never wanted a Cochin rooster, but he came with a flock of hens I bought and earned a name. 

I’ve tried to sell him a few times. Sumo has been here for over a year, I have no other Cochins and don’t appreciate feather legged breeds, though I do want chicks next year. So, in honor of Sumo’s wonderfulness as a rooster, I will build a separate breeding pen and coop for my Marans. 

It seems that once I think of pet names for chickens I have trouble letting them go. I recently found a great deal on 13 Cuckoo Marans cockerels. I plan to keep the nicest two for breeding and the rest will be dinner.

After nearly 20 years of keeping chickens I butchered my first ever last week. It went quite well, and not that hard for someone who has worked as a vet tech, but that’s another story.

I’ve studied these cockerels for months trying to decide which to keep. Most are too dark, some crooked toes ( Leo, too), one has a hunched or roached back, three have rye tail, where the tail feathers carriage is crooked, some necks too long, some too short, and my favorite has a few tiny feathers on his legs.

Since I’m looking for faults in these boys, that I don’t want to pass on, I’m taking a break from thinking up pet names for chickens. But I’m very hopeful to see the two boys I keep blossom into full Cockoo Marans roosterhood and reveal their names to me.

I hope the subject of using chickens for food doesn’t offend anyone. I do plan on sharing what I’ve learned soon. It’s taken me a long time to be ready for this.

With the price of Organic Free Range chicken at the market, knowing what sad and unhealthy lives most chickens lead before they get to market and, though I’ve tried; I’m just not a vegetarian or vegan. I feel I must raise my own chickens for food. I don’t believe everyone can be vegetarian and very possibly, not everyone should.

If you’re having too much trouble coming up with pet names for chickens, maybe you could write and tell us a good story about one, and we’ll see if we can help!

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